About Sunshine kids


Sunshine kids provides Pre-school & Daycare Education for children from 3 to 6 years .It is Managed by Sunshine Educational Group(M) Sdn.Bhd. We are the pioneer in Preschool education. It is a home away from home. Our curriculum is designed to develop children's social skills as well as to provide a strong foundation in English language, Mathematical skills, Malay , Mandarin and Tamil language as well. The curriculum also covers Environmental Awareness, Thinking & Creativity, Computer Knowledge , Personal & Social Awareness and promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills. The kindergarten program is a play based inquiry learning program .Our award winning activity based learning methodology brings out the hidden talents of each and every child. Our real aim is to manifest the human potential by a holistic way of Education. We differentiate education and knowledge.

The school focuses on all facets of child's Development including Linguistic, Physical, Socio- emotional, Cognitive and Creative areas. All areas of growth and development are given equal importance. Latest research in early childhood education shows that the experiences in the early years ( under age 5 years) of a child shape what the child will be like as an adult. Sunshine keeps in mind that 50% of a child's cognitive development is over by age 5.Hence ,we advocate that a preschool should be the preferred choice for parents rather than a regular school.

Children are given the opportunity to make choices through which they learn that their feelings, thoughts and emotions are worthwhile. They also learn the consequences of their choices and gain competence in decision making.The sunshine staff is dedicated to provide an atmosphere where each child can experience the qualities of great love through our holistic way of world class education .We believe that such an understanding is fundamental to the development of the whole child. We have Abacus and Vedic Maths classes as well. Children who learn the Abacus generally achieve higher academic performance not only in concentration. Abacus training gives ability to solve arithmetical problem once looking at a problem and working it out mentally. On solving arithmetical problem mentally , children become proud on his capacity ,grow their confidence , dare to challenge with others , try to make himself all rounder and be successful in all areas. We have successfully prepared students for private , public , international and chinese schools. Learn locally, Think globally.


Our Special Features

Sunshine kids is a wonderful first out of home learning experience for your child

Computer Lab

Our PRE-SCHOOL computer time will be beneficial because.....

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Science Lab

Kindergarten is a great time to introduce kids....

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Well equipped Library

A well-equipped spacious library is set with adequate number....

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Abacus Class

Preschoolers can use Abacus for a variety of addition....

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Yoga Class & Agama Class

By practicing yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise,...

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State-of-Art Playground

We have a spacious school Playground....

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