Language Classes


We emphasize on all languages and encourage our kids for easy learning.

Your child will learn Tamil language rapidly and easily in a fun-filled environment. The skills learned will include :

  • Learning Tamil using tamil Educational toys and Tamil learning games.
  • Tamil speech and drama.
  • Spoken Tamil practice.
  • Learning of all Tamil alphabets.
  • Reading and writing of useful Tamil words.
  • Learning formation of Tamil sentences.
  • Learning of Tamil rhymes.
  • Tamil story telling.
  • Read,write and speak in tamil and with several Tamil speaking activities.


We have separate classes for Agama especially for the Malay kids. The pace where they learn good Discipline and progress in the subject as well.Believing that knowledge and sciences are indeed SIGNS of the Greatness of Allah, The Creator as such, knowledge and sciences should be imparted to the children in a manner that strengthens their Tauheed and belief in Islam. Our trained teachers will coach them with Agama subjects from Age 4 onwards